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“Great environment, knowledgeable leaders, innovative and over all, the best in the association business.”

Derek Wilson

“Thank you for the update regarding the irrigation pipe.  I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know how impressed I am with how you have handled this situation.  You really showed great leadership, especially considering this happened during your first week with Belmont with a totally new staff.  Not only were you able to seamlessly manage this project and all associated parties involved, but you saved the community a great deal of money.  Thank you for bringing your talent and professionalism to Belmont!”

Board Member,  May 2019

“Wow…very impressive meeting!  Nicely done.  We should have brought you folks on a long time ago.  I’m impressed by the leadership and clarity of issues as we moved through the meeting.”

Board member, 2019

“The board book looks extremely professional. It brings back memories of my Corporate days. Excellent job.”

Board member, 2019

“I want to thank CAMP and xxxPlumbing for taking the time to ensure I did not have a leak.  I do not. Although it is really close to where a hole was cut, it is not cut into.  Additionally, they checked the bulge and determined it is just due to age and not due to liquid.

I really appreciate all parties taking the time to take care of this and taking care of it quickly. Again, Thank you.”

Owner, 2019

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